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forex turbo scalper software system designed for fascinating and safe scalping,Powerful, uncompromising, effective and highly profitable. Forex Turbo Scalper eradicates fear, while generating Profit

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Fear. Drive. Nerves.... That’s Scalping...

Fear. Drive. Winnings. Pleasure. Success.   Yes! That is also Scalping, but with Forex Turbo Scalper.

Powerful, uncompromising, effective and highly profitable. Forex Turbo Scalper eradicates fear, while generating Profit.

"Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is, everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you ..."


Everyone who comes to Forex, comes for one thing – profit.

   If you happen to have a rather large initial capital, then you can afford to trade as you please. 
But what do you do if your initial capital is rather modest? Your goal is to manage your money with the maximum efficiency – and that is why Scalping is the most effective tool for attaining that goal.

Yes, we agree, it may be quite a nerve-wrecking experience.
Yes, you will have to maintain your concentration throughout the entire trade.
Yes, at times it may seem as if your earnings aren’t quite high for the amount of tension you experience….


 Only Scalping can yield the highest level of your deposit growth
Only Scalping will allow you to trade when you want
only Scalping, besides the monetary gains, will also boost your self-confidence, while adding “brazen” trading tactics to your trading style as well as the priceless experience of a quick trade.

   Scalping is fascinating and highly exciting.  

   There are lots of mysteries as well as many legends that have been told about scalping and not all of them are positive.
  The great majority of the negative information is being spread around by the traders, who tried their hand at scalping and were unsuccessful at it. And that’s no huge surprise.

   Scalping is a fascinating way of trading. It’s a trade, where instead of "fighting" the market, your rather "fight" your own self: your hidden fears, your weak nerves, your greediness and ultimately, your own intuition.

   If you still haven’t tried Scalping, we highly recommend that you do. At least try it. Don’t start off with a big lot – instead get some enjoyment out of the fierce, but super-engaging race.


   Not all scalpers are created equal!  

There are plenty of scalpers out there. There are plenty of developers. Each and every developer claims that his/her product is superior. However, not all scalpers are as good as they are being advertised. 

What is a “bad scalper” and why 
Forex Turbo Scalper is a very good product.

 A "bad" scalper works with 1–2 currency pairs at best. That’s an obvious shortcoming in its set of internal tools. On the contrary, a good scalper should work at any time. Forex Turbo Scalper is built around a native algorithm that operates flawlessly with any currency pair.

 In order to understand a signal, you have to wreck your brains. A pile-up of lines, pointers, dashes and waives – all being the dead giveaway that you’re looking at a poorly developed scalper. The signals must be UNDERSTOOD by anybody. Our scalper’s signals are EASY TO UNDERSTAND by anyone. We took a great care to assure that your experience with our scalper is highly enjoyable and that you wouldn’t get distracted by anything.

 High rate of false signals. If the number of profitable signals is about the same or less, than you’re looking at a “scalper-loser”. The ratio of profitable signals to loss ones in Forex Turbo Scalper is greater than 70/30 – and that’s the sign of an absolutely incredible indicator and a great product. 

 Please be very careful when choosing a scalping instrument. Behind a seemingly beautiful appearance there’s often a bunch of useless codes. – Forex Turbo Scalper, on the contrary, will allow you to earn, earn and then earn some more -- and with a great enjoyment, while at it!

   The 5 main attributes of an Indicator. 

   Indicator works with ANY currency pair! How many of them do you have on your terminal? 20 or more (up to 50) signals sent daily for every pair. Will you manage to trade on all?

   All possible notifications: graphics in a chart, audio, alerts, e-mail. We’ve done all we could, so that you wouldn’t miss a single notification.

   M 5 and M15 Timeframes. If you’re not on the ball, simply chose M15 – you’ll have some time to sit around and think what you’re going to do with all that profit.


Fast Trades – means "Quick Money".

   Fast, efficient, profitable – you’ll stop making money only when YOU decide you want to stop.
One thing required of you is a quick reaction and a bit of money for initial capital.
Once you follow both, the strategy and the signals, tomorrow you’ll have more money than today and day after tomorrow you’ll have even more than tomorrow!


   The main properties of the system.  

 Ability to work with any currency pair.
 All possible means of notifications: graphics, alerts, sounds, e-mails. Up to 50 signals daily for each currency pair. 
 A possibility to work with two timeframes (different frequency of signals). Ease of installation and defining the signals.

What separates us from other scalpers?

 Extreme user-friendliness (easy to understand graphics, all possible signals/notifications).
 It’s not adjusted to monitor exclusively one particular currency pair. 
     Our algorithm successfully operates on any currency pair.
 Effectively manages market volatility at the time of economic news. 
 Can be equally utilized by both, professionals as well as complete novices – doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.
 Provides for an “explosive” deposit growth once you follow all the rules of the trade.

   How much can you make?  

   Forex Turbo Scalper sends up to 50 signals daily. During active trading sessions, particularly, when we advise that you trade, the number of signals sent is roughly 20-30.

   On more profitable days it’s possible to make up to 150 pips of profit.

   On average, a daily profit comes to around 30-50 pips.

   With a minimal lot size of 0.1, 50 pips translates into $50.

   If you work 5 days/week, that’s approximately$2000/month with a minimal lot size and starting deposit of around $200. 

   If your starting deposit is higher, you simply trade with a Larger lot and earn more.






   However, our Forex Turbo Scalper works with ANY pair. In other words, you can at your own discretion increase the number of trading pairs – hence, you equally increase your profit!


   208 pips...is it ENOUGH for YOU?   

   Making about 1000 pips a month is not all that much to some people, so we are frequently asked as to why we show such low numbers as our baseline?



   To simply answer that question, it is “your trust” that we never want to lose! 

   Indeed, there are some companies out there, who, in order to lure a customer in, resort to false promises of quite unrealistic earnings just to sell their products. 

   We, on the other hand, respect our customers’ intelligence and never engage in false advertisement.

   In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve never let our customers down.

   What does the "208 pips" mean? $208...$3,744 depending on your lot size.

   That is why we ask all of our potential clients not to take our word for it, but in fact to see for themselves everything that we stand for.

 scalping is so profitable?  
why scalping profitable?
   Take a look at the illustrations below.

 This is what a daily trade looks like from a medium or a long-term perspective 
of a trader:

 Now, let’s look at the same illustration, but through the eyes of the scalping-trader:

Your day starts and ends practically with the same level. If a trader opened his order in the beginning of the day and closed it at the end of the day, he made almost no money.
However, the fluctuations throughout the day are quite substantial.

Naturally, this is a diagram of an ideal trading. However, it gives you an idea that a scalper can earn a lot, whereas a regular trader can make almost nothing. You can try it on your own - to define the direction and the best possible moment for opening orders, however, it’s much easier to do it with Forex TURBO Scalper.



   OK, Leave it up to losers to count their losses. Let’s count profits.

In order not to lose concentration and attention span, we highly recommend trading in three-week cycles: you trade for 2 weeks and for 1 week you take a break.

   In just two weeks from July 07th through July 27th on two currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD) and two timeframes in each pair (M5+M15), our testers showed a profit of 4097pips...

   ...with a minimal initial lot of 0.1 that translates into $4,097.00 with a starting deposit of only $500. 

   Well, it wasn’t easy and it entailed some work, but the Forex Turbo Scalper’s signals were dead-on and the deposit grew like a tropical flower after a soaking rain.

Is it worth mentioning that the investment in the indicator have paid off 
on the very first day? 

1-day Forex TURBO Scalper performance: 11 trades, + 127 pips in profit.


# Works with ANY currency pair.
# Two timeframes per each pair.
# Up to 50 signals daily per each pair.
# M5 and M15 timeframes!
# Up to 200 pips of daily profit!
# Notifications by: Alerts, Sounds, Graphics and Emails.
# Doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.

* product is downloadable, there is no refund transaction, product will sent automatically when payment completed

* make sure you know what will you buy, this is about forex, you can ask before buy

* there is no support for this software, there is add fee for software support, please contact

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