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correlation code Brand new correlation code tradidng system exploits hidden cracks in the forex market

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"You Are About To Learn The Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Correlation Trading! Watch The Video Below To Learn The Forbidden Cracks That Stop Most Traders From Becoming Wealthy.."


Imagine Having "Absolute Confidence" Everytime You Pulled The Trigger...

As soon as I began to see the cracks in the market, everything changed for me, and it will for you too the minute you begin “seeing” the markets as I do.

Imagine for a moment you had night vision goggles, and you could see things no one else could.  You suddenly had an ability to see danger, or opportunity no one else could, because you knew what to look for, when others didn't.

Now imagine this in trading terms.

How would you feel if you had a way of trading that would only signal an entry when the probability of it being a winner was so high you never doubted taking another trade – all because you had an ability to see what almost no one else could!

Now that's not to say you wouldn't make mistakes or have losing trades, of course that would happen, but you would know that if you did lose a trade, the next winner would be right around the corner, so you would simply never be worried about pulling the trigger again.

Welcome to my world.

The world of trading with two pairs instead of one, or "Correlation Trading" as I call it.

And this powerful world of ACCURATE & POWERFUL trading can become your world too.

So Then...What Makes Correlation Trading So Unique (And So Darn Profitable?)

Well sit back, relax, and plan to spend the next 20 minutes or so reading this letter to find out, because I'm about to reveal how my Correlation Code is heads and tails above ANYTHING else out there today...

And here's why:

The key concept of the Correlation Code is based on something called Universal Law. Fundamental Law, in essence, basically means that the strategies I'm about to reveal are backed by proven mathematical laws. Remember in science class when you learned that "what goes up must come down"?

The Correlation Code is using proven math formulas just like that one to make your trading sessions rock solid. In other words, all the trades you take are based on what HAS to happen in the markets, not on what you HOPE or THINK will happen, and The Difference Is Monumental

The Correlation Code is not a over-optimized black box or broken theory that "used to work". As you'll soon discover, The Correlation Code is based on what the system of trading MUST do! It's all based on the Universal Laws, and it's my secret Forex weapon...

Ok, how does it work?

Simple Really, let me explain...

First, you trade with 2 currency charts instead of one currency chart, and that fact is KEY to understanding how the Correlation Code racks up massive pips in no time.

No other traders are looking at the market this way, snooping for the "cracks and gaps" in each trade, except a very privileged few-and now that includes you!

Between you and me, most trades are focused on the wrong side of the Forex system-let's say they're looking at WRONG piece of the Forex pie (The 98% part)

The Correlation Code works like a firecracker simply because I focus on the other 2% of the trading pie. It's not the 2% no one else wants, it's the 2% only the insiders know to trade on!...This isn't just some generic formula: I show you exactly when to enter, when to exit, and the crucial trading secrets you must know for all the profits to line up in between!

But wait, I hear you say. You're missing out on the biggest game in town-the biggest piece of the Forex pie!

Are you an idiot?!?

Not so fast. The reason the Correlation Code works is that you can quickly bid and trade on this "lost" 2% of the pie-and haul in a king's ransom...right off the trading table!

In fact, Futures magazine is doing a cover story on Correlation trading as we speak. The time to get in on Correlation trading has never been better--so don't worry if you feel left out--it's the perfect time to get started!
Finding these "cracks" in the market is where the “Universal Law” of math and probability are going to come together to make you a TON of profits...

Imagine for a second you are back in 3rd grade, learning your basic math tables, OK?

Just go with me on this, It will make what I'm about to say easier to understand. Ready? OK!

You don't need to understand how the engine works in order to drive a car

Just like driving your car, you don't need to understand how the engine works in order to drive the car, (and you don't need to understand the math behind Correlated pairs) but I wanted you to get the basic idea. It's like ice cream sales: the sales of ice cream go down when it gets cold and go up when it gets hot.

But what if the opposite occurred- if for a moment ice cream was sold in the dead of winter and forbidden in the heat of summer...and what if you could make money with it? This is exactly what I'm going to reveal to you in the Correlation Code! We make massive amounts of pips when the correlated pairs go hay-wire!

For instance, If the correlated pairs (positive and negative) are acting normal, and they are 98% of the time, I usually get bored. The part that really gets me excited is the 2% of the time when the math laws get screwed up.

A positive correlation suddenly dives into a negative one-the lines actually start to go opposite ways! Since your average trader doesn't know about this loop-hole, they largely ignore it or are not even aware that it is happening. Keep the ice cream example in the back of your mind. Here are a few other examples for you to chew on...

1.The Pound and the U.S Dollar are positively correlated. One one goes down, the other follows. When one goes up, the other followers. The Pound/USD and the Euro/USD are examples of, positively correlated currency pairs.

2.So, if ice cream sales go up when it gets warmer, in the same way, positive correlations must go the same direction-hence the Universal Math Law that says it does. Get it?

3.But, when a error occurs, as it does 2% of the time, the correlated pairs become untied, or go the opposite ways. This is where I trade-in these "cracks and gaps" in the marketplace!

4.Eventually, I know that the "cracks" will come back together, (hence the Universal Law) and in fact, the cracks will be healed by the trading system its-self), so I have to act fast to make pips.


Now I'm going to show you what I promised earlier.... an easy way to make it NOW!  Right from the comfort of your own family room or kitchen table.  You're getting a rare chance to use a proven plan at the best possible time.

Is Correlation Trading The Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Here's what this is about:  Last year, Wall Street and the banks started melting down.  Now, almost every investor is quaking in their boots, and standing on the sidelines.  How can they possibly trust something that's robbed half their wealth in a year?

But this presents a high-profit opportunity for anyone willing to take it.  More on that in just a moment...

You see, there is one market that escaped the Wall Street crash. In fact, it's got nothing to do with Wall Street. 

Actually, it's the biggest "covert" market that was ever hidden in plain sight.  I'm talking about foreign currency exchange!  And investors are leaving stocks in droves to get into this one instead.

It's the hottest ticket for 2009 - 2011.

My name is Jason Fielder. I've been able to make a career out of trading currencies because of my ability to predict market trends with deadly accuracy. My friends - even those who don't have a clue about the foreign exchange market - buy when I tell them to buy, sell when I tell them to sell, and cash in big-time in the process.

For those of you unfamiliar, let me give you some quick 411 about how the wealthiest market of all - the foreign currency exchange (also known as FOREX) - works...

People and companies have to exchange their currency when going from one country to another.  In most of Europe, they use the "Euro."  So if you are in the USA, you must "buy" Euros with Dollars.  Or, if you fly to Japan, you have to "buy" Yen with your Dollars. 

With me so far...

These kinds of exchanges go on 24 hours a day across the globe.  For example, a huge multi-national business will exchange currency many times a day, just to stop losing money between its branches.  If a bank or other large corporation was to sit on its reserves, it literally could go bankrupt in a week.

Now, here's something most people don't know.

One minute the dollar can be up, the next minute the Euro can be up instead.   Because the economic situation changes by the minute with every news broadcast.  Last summer, the dollar was weak against all currencies.  Then suddenly, when the price of oil plummeted, the dollar quickly shot up as one of the strongest currencies in the world.  Savvy investors made MILLIONS in just a month!

You can make money too, lots of it - because the value of different currencies fluctuate all day against each other.  They change by the minute, as investors, banks, and tourists demand more of one currency, and less of another.  And just like stocks, people can chart them and trade them. 


And Here's The thing, You Don't Have To Be An Experienced Trader or Investor To Make Money In "Forex" If You're Using "The Code"...

  No experience necessary - On The Job Training Provided!!

Here's Just A Peek Of The just some of the Explosive Strategies You'll Immediately Get--Complete With Hands-On Video Tutorials, Live Training Webinars and Special  Bonus Strategies of the Entire Process!

...My "Lazy Latte" method for trading using 3 gold-mine strategies (This only takes me about 15 minutes-You'll flip when you see it!)...

...How to scalp the right way (Stop being impatient and watch my video on how this is really done)...

...The "Correlation Decay" video opens up a whole new world of trading possibilities-Use this strategy to go to bat against the crooked thieves on Wall Street! Get your share of the profits-the legal way...

...How to recognize your "snap back" moments-and the easiest way to profit from this scenario each and every time...

...Discover 3 secret methods that you can use right away in the "Follow The Leader" scalping strategy video to dominate pips with more than 90% accuracy!...

...Exposed! My coveted "pivot reversal" scalping trick that pulls even more profits into your wallet than before--And this is just ONE of the powerful 8 Correlation secrets!...

And Much, Much More...

But Wait... Isn't this supposed to be complicated, hard, over my head?

I know what you're thinking.  It's supposed to be complex, dangerous, etc.  Let me assure you, I'll take you by the hand, and we'll do baby steps together.  With my paint-by-numbers method, it's not difficult if you can follow simple directions. 

But first, here are four facts about this Forex market:

  • This market is made up of the buying and selling of currencies.  Pretty much every country on earth is involved, but the four major ones are the United States Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, and the European Union's Euro. 

  • Obviously, this market is HUGE!  It involves literally all the money in the world!  The amount of money that goes in and out of it every day - called the "volume" - is 30 times the size of ALL the stock markets around the world combined.  It trades $4 Trillion dollars worth per day.   That means there's no way it can crash.  No way it's subject to "insider trading."  No way it can be manipulated by back-room Wall-Street thugs like Bernie Madoff and his gang.  And no way can someone else like hedge funds tell you they can't give you back the money you invested. Why?  That kind of volume of cash is impossible to influence. 

    And more importantly...

  • There's no central exchange.  It's not like there's some physical location where everyone trades Forex.  It operates through a electronically connected network of banks, brokers, people, government agencies, and companies that specialize in trading one currency for another one.  This means...

  • It's traded all around the globe, in every time zone.  It's a 24 hour market.  You can access it at 3:00 AM in the morning if you want.  The money stream is always available to tap into, except Saturdays, and Sunday morning. 

You may now be getting an idea why all those banks and hedge funds were making the billions they were before they bought bad mortgages.  They should have stuck with Forex. 

Look at Warren Buffet, the world's top investing mind, who has invested more than $10 Billion in currencies!  Or George Soros, probably one of the most respected fund managers on the planet, played a hunch that the British Pound was going south and pocketed over a BILLION dollars - in one single day!

You probably know Chrysler makes cars, but most people don't have a clue that in some quarters Chrysler has made more money by investing in Forex than it did from selling cars!


Because with the system you'll be getting for your new Forex business, you'll be activating...

"The Correlation Code"

Here's the deal: You need to adapt to changing market conditions if you want to PROFIT during all market conditions. 

You need a way of trading so that you aren't fighting all of that other trading "noise"...

Well, what if you had both, a way to trade "off to the side" so to speak, AND a way that could handle different market conditions, with different strategies!

This "secret" is the essence of Correlation Trading...

You see, to truly make money in Forex, you need to have a deadly-accurate system that can both read and instantly the Cracks in the market... and you won't discover such a system on CNN, CNBC, in the Wall Street Journal or any of the other financial news networks.

And while there are other, far-less-expensive, Forex systems available (in fact, you've probably even purchased one or more of these "pseudo-systems" in the past), none of them have the power, the accuracy or the potential to find the cracks in the market by trading with two pairs instead of ONE!

Here's What Makes Correlation Better...

Unlike virtually every other Forex trading system on the planet, Correlation is fundamentally designed to enter the market only when the opportunity for profit presents itself by breaking the correlation with another pair.

If you are to profit on a regular and consistent basis, which you NEED to do if you want to trade for a living like I do (or at least for a healthy supplemental income) you need a system that "adapts" to constantly changing market conditions, and a system that takes only the HIGHEST probability trades.

The Correlation Code takes only the HIGHEST probability trades, and only enters when the Fundamental Law says...

The Time Is Right!

Here's an example: This chart shows how effective The Correlation Code really is.  This is an example of a trade that I took which allowed me to use fundamental law and the power of Correlation to scalp over 30 pips in less than an hour...


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